Say Goodbye To Loose, Wrinkly Sheets Forever!

The All-In-One Bed Tightening Solution

Introducing Bed Scrunchie, the 360-degree all-in-one bed tightening system that gives your bed that flawless 5-star hotel look by keeping your sheets tight, no matter their size.

This patented innovation clips to the edges of your bed sheets or mattress topper and slides under your mattress effortlessly1 – eliminating the loose, wrinkly mess you're used to. Sleep tight all night with the Bed Scrunchie!

Over 2,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews and counting!

  • How It Works – Simply attach the clips on the edges of your bed sheet, place the sheet over your mattress (like you normally would), tighten and lock the cord and you're good to go! Enjoy tight, crisp sheets until your next wash.
  • Perfect For Any Bed Type & Size – From twins to kings, adjustable beds, Sleep Numbers and more – enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your Bed Scrunchie will work no matter where you use it.
  • Easy To Setup (No Mattress Lifting Required) – From kids to adults, and even seniors - anyone can quickly and easily set it up in minutes!
  • Use Your Own Sheets! Bed Scrunchie works perfectly on fitted, flat, or top sheets, as well as mattress toppers, protectors and featherbeds. It can even convert a flat sheet into a perfectly tailored fitted sheet. It's also been carefully designed to never damage any sheet!
  • Easy To Clean – Our bed sheet holder can be easily cleaned through the machine wash and can also be dried at the low, medium, or high speeds!
  • High Quality Materials – Built To Last! The bed sheet gripper clips are made of extremely durable plastic, while the tightener is made from a nearly indestructible bungee cord. Our bed sheet straps won't lose their grip until you release the lock.
  • 100-Night Sleep Tight Guarantee – Our #1 priority is having a positive customer experience! Unlike many others in the industry, we value our customers, and if you are not happy with your order we will give you a full refund.

Over 80,000 People Love Bed Scrunchie

John H.

The Bed Scrunchie is worth every penny

I’ve tried so many products in the past. The Bed Scrunchie works and it’s truly a high-quality product. If you’re not looking to mess around with your bedsheets every day and keep them on tight The Bed Scrunchie is what you need. It’s easy to use and made with quality materials. The clips are amazingly engineered. Not to mention you can buy extra clips:) I have been using it for almost a month and can’t be happier.


Great Product, Great Customer Service!!

I'm a mover in my sleep, which always causes my sheets to pop off my bed. To me, it's the most frustrating thing ever! So, because of that I've purchased MANY products stating that they'd keep my sheets on my bed, and haven't ever been satisfied AT ALL. They've either not worked, or were extremely cumbersome to put on, which ultimately made it so I never wanted to use the product again. With the Bed Scrunchie, not the case! Seriously EASY to use, and makes my sheets TIGHT on my bed...just the way I LOVE my sheets!! I mean, who doesn't want a product that works and is easy to use? It's a no brainer for me.

Not only is the product top-notch, but their customer service is as well. When I received my Bed Scrunchie, one of my clips was broken. I submitted my situation to customer service on Sunday, and by Monday afternoon another clip was on its way to my house, free of charge. Not only did they take care of me and my situation right away, but they were extremely professional and very friendly while helping me. No questions asked, they just took care of me. I typically don't write reviews, but I was really blown away by both the product and their customer service.

Lyle H.

Works perfectly for adjustable mattress and topper!

We have an adjustable firmness mattress and recently added a 4" memory foam topper. We could never seem to keep the sheets - even deep pocket sheets - on the bed for more than a night. The nightly routine consisted of resetting the corners before bedtime and hope it lasted through the night. I looked at several products and decided on the Bed Scrunchie. You know those hotel-crisp sheets that stay tucked? Yeah, those - now I have them! No more getting hung up in the sheets or trying to re-tuck in the middle of the night - this keeps them on the bed with no hassle and no fuss! Installation was a little harder than with the sheets by themselves but, even with our king bed, I was able to do by myself after watching their online instruction video. The extra time will be well-saved for all the extra time it took daily to redo the sheets every night. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this if you have sheet struggles. They definitely bring new meaning to "good night, sleep tight!"


Skeptic turns believer

I was super skeptical about this bed scrunchie since I've never had luck with fitted sheets staying in place. I like to make my bed easily so I never use a flat sheet, only a fitted one. For years and years I tested all kinds of different fitted sheets (additional cross elastic, various depths, etc) hoping each time that THIS ONE would be perfectly snug. No such luck! Because I'm short, to get out of bed each morning I utilize a sliding action which always pulls the fitted sheet a bit more each day. After looking up several different types of gadgets to keep sheets tight, I settled on this one. I wasn't very optimistic about it so imagine my surprise when this thing actually worked! I have had this on my bed for about a week now and my fitted sheet is as snug as a bug in a rug. It took a minute to figure out how to use it, but it was relatively easy and forgiving to use. I also like the bungee cord on the foot of the bed which helps tighten the sheet and make it even more snug. All in all, I highly recommend this!

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