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Bonus Offer: 4 Extra Clips For Even Tighter Sheets

For those who want the entire 5-star hotel experience we’re offering customers a one-time deal on 4 extra clips. Now you can complete your magazine-worthy look above the sheets and achieve the best hold possible on even the largest mattresses.

  • For Adjustable & XXL Mattresses – Ensure your bed sheets stay tight even on larger California kings, adjustable kings, and extra deep mattresses.
  • Keep your Duvet Covers Tight - Attach the extra clips to your Bed Scrunchie and clip them directly to your duvet cover for that 5-star bedroom look above the sheets.
  • Handy Beyond Your Bed - Use the extra clips to hang dry premium fabrics and linens on laundry day, or have some spares handy for a rainy day.
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